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We specialize in the production of precision components in the machining process for manufacturing plants and assembly plants throughout Europe.

1996The company was founded
40People in our team
1 491Delivery
2 982 817Parts produced
3 479 953 €Turnover exceeded
70Trusted customers
249Component implementations
15Additional treatments
2005Use of the certificate EN ISO 9001:2015, EN 9100:2016 rev. D

Who we are?

Bernacki Industrial Services Sp. z o.o. specializes in the production of precision components in the machining process for production plants and assembly plants throughout Europe.
We consciously focus on cooperation with OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) so that we can improve our business process and constantly increase the value of offered solutions for our customers. Understanding the specific needs of each of our customers is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.
Our solutions are the optimal combination of the right manufacturing technology and delivery logistics from the customer's point of view.

Operation model

In our business model we combine security of supply and know-how provided by our own production base with flexibility and versatility resulting from cooperation with a group of carefully selected qualified sub-suppliers.
Thanks to the access to a diversified machine park, we can supply details using optimal technology regardless of the size of the series, technical complexity of the detail or the material from which the component is to be made.
Our business model provides customers with access to a wide and competitive production base while maintaining security of supply, efficiency and convenience resulting from the service at one point of contact.
Bernacki company as an aggregator of diverse needs of our customers guarantees that each of your orders will be carried out to a proper standard of quality and service regardless of its size and value.

Our mission

We offer our customers the most effective solutions in the area of supply of precision components through continuous improvement of our competencies and broadening our knowledge of the industry.
We focus on reliability and reliability in business relations. We treat long-term cooperation with customers and suppliers as a source of stable and dynamic development of our company.


Bernacki company is located in the southeastern region of Poland called Aviation Valley. The specialization of this region is the production of components for the aviation industry. The presence of world leaders in the aviation industry (including MTU and UTC) is primarily due to the access to qualified engineers and operators and the long tradition of the region in precision machining.

For a company such as Bernacki's presence in the Aviation Valley means access to world-class technology, flexible supply of high quality materials and tools and additional services.

Bernacki is located less than 4 km from the A4 motorway. Thanks to cooperation with logistics companies such as Dachser, Raben and DHL, our deliveries reach most European countries within 2-4 working days of shipment and the next day in the country.


At Bernacki we understand that quality is the foundation of a long-term relationship with the customer. We systematically monitor the quality of delivered products and analyze the causes of defects. We use measuring equipment from Mahr and Mitutoyo, which guarantees high accuracy and repeatability of measurements.

We conduct cyclical audits of suppliers and send periodic reports on the quality of products supplied by subcontractors. For all details manufactured by Bernacki company we apply quality control plans. As a standard, for all orders we require the documentation of quality control of all parameters for samples taken every 20% of pieces in the manufactured order. Marked samples together with a measurement card are sent with each delivery batch.

In order to better control the stability of the production process, Bernacki is preparing for the pilot implementation of the Statistical AQL method.



Bernacki Industrial Services Sp. z o.o.
BeneficjentemRegionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Podkarpackiego na lata 2014-2020

Z przyjemnością informujemy, iż dnia 27 grudnia 2016 roku Bernacki Industrial Services Sp. z o.o. podpisała umowę o dofinansowanie projektu pn. Budowa nowej hali produkcyjnej oraz zakup maszyn szansą na rozwój przedsiębiorstwa Bernacki Industrial Services Sp. z o.o.

Projekt współfinansowany jest ze środków Unii Europejskiej z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Podkarpackiego na lata 2014-2020, Działanie 1.4 Wsparcie MŚP, Poddziałanie 1.4.1 Dotacje bezpośrednie.

Projekt polega ulepszeniu i udoskonaleniu dotychczas oferowanych usług poprzez: budowę hali produkcyjnej z zapleczem administracyjno-biurowym, zakup dwóch maszyn - tokarek CNC, przeprowadzenie certyfikacji ISO AS 9100 oraz zakup i wdrożenie systemu typu „condition monitoring”. Pozwoli to na wprowadzenie do oferty przedsiębiorstwa innowacyjnej usługi wykonawstwa detali oraz wdrożenie produkcji detali z materiałów trudnoobrabialnych. W ramach projektu zostaną wdrożone wyniki prac badawczo-rozwojowych. Realizacja projektu wpłynie poprawę pozycji konkurencyjną przedsiębiorstwa oraz powoli na pozyskanie nowych klientów.

Wartość projektu: 3 247 200,00 zł.

Wkład Funduszy Europejskich: 1 261 000,00 zł.

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